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New roads in Communication ;-)

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Presentation about eCommerce and Advertising 

Organized by Col·legi de Publicitaris i RRPP de Catalunya, it will discuss about the role of advertising agent in front of the brand's eCommerce 

Sagardi trobada
What should be the role of the advertising agent about eCommerce? Must participate in the online sale of products or be limited to just advertising communication? Next day March 19, 2015, at 19:00 a professional meeting where Xavier Folguera will give a talk about eCommerce and Advertising. This event, organized by the Col·legi de Publicitaris i RRPP de Catalunya, will take place at SAGARDI restaurant, Muntaner street, 70, Barcelona. It will be free access upon registration.

New Finocam´s showroom has born

We are “back to school” and Finocam has released it’s new “e-commerce like” online showroom.



Elegant and simple, reflexing Finocam’s corporate philosofy, Advertis has created a nice virtual enviroment, thank’s to an online shop structure. The best place to choose calendars, notebooks…and be able to check on easily features and prices. This is the Finocam’s way to keep on making life easier. .

Discover at (as once discovered it’s founder Manuel Cabero Eguía) that everything begins dreaming.

New Plans eCommerce ADVERTIS

Discover our new packs of creating online stores

Planes eCommerce_AdvertisThe new e-commerce plans are based on experience and quality assurance provided by the Advertis agency, from creating online stores for small businesses to platforms in need of international expansion

Find out now and contact us

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